The RoCaam Corporation, founded in 1986, is a manufacturer’s representative firm that represents the companies listed below in some or all of the western states as indicated on the Territory Map. We offer application engineering services, new unit and parts sales, as well as service for our represented companies either directly through the manufacturers or through authorized distributors and service centers.

Our guiding principle of operation is to represent a few, select, high quality lines, thoroughly and professionally with the best possible application engineering expertise, based on over 30 years of experience with the industries and equipment that we represent.
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New York Blowers – Building fans continuously in the United States for 125 years, The New York Blower Company manufactures a full line of centrifugal, axial, FRP, Industrial, High Temperature, Food Grade and OEM specific fans. Sizes from fractional horsepower to over 1,000,000 cfm.
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Robuschi Blower and Compressors - One of the worlds leading manufacturers of quiet, high quality positive displacement Tri-lobe blowers for pressure and vacuum service, liquid ring vacuum pumps and low pressure dry screw compressors. All of these products are also available in low noise enclosures.
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Nijhuis Water Technology - a innovative knowledge-based company with in-house developed products and technologies, which are integrated into overall solutions. With the corporate vision Solid solutions in a fluid world Nijhuis Water Technology is responding to the growing need for innovative, sustainable solutions at the lowest operational costs.
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Cataract Steel Industries - Founded in 1977, Cataract Steel Industries manufactures engineered shell and tube heat exchangers and vessels for the chemical, oil & gas, power, and petrochemical markets.
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TLT Turbo GmbH - develops and builds engineered centrifugal and axial flow fans. For more than 140 years TLT Turbo’s systems have been in use in applications all over the world including thermal power plants, mine & tunnel ventilation, wind tunnels, steelmaking and steel processing, chemical and petrochemical industrial processes, cement production, and test stands.
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Alfa Laval Inc. - Creating the best heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies in the world for 130 years, Alfa Laval's products and solutions are used in such areas as food and water supply, energy, environmental protection and pharmaceuticals.
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Air-Cure Inc. - Air-Cure Inc. and its predecessors have specialized in dust collection systems and equipment for more than sixty years. Air-Cure continues to out-perform competitors in filtration capabilities, filter systems, project integration, quality control, and customer satisfaction making Air-Cure a leader in dust control and process filtration systems.
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Stoddard - Through constant research and development Stoddard has been at the forefront of silencer and filter development for blower, fans, compressors, engines, and venting for over 30 years.
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JDV Equipment Corporation - A leading manufacturer and provider of safe, environmentally friendly processing equipment and services for water and wastewater treatment, industrial and agricultural applications. Products include screw conveyors, screening equipment, digester covers, gas holders, solids handling devices, and more.
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Discflo Pumps - Developed especially for highly erosive, shear sensitive, and other hard to handle applications, Discflo Pumps replace progressive cavity, lobe and centrifugal pumps for difficult applications around the world.